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london minibus hire

London Minibus Rental  

we do self-drive and with a driver to destination with UK and Euro​pe

minibus with driver

self drive minibus hire

15 or 17 seater minibus hire

Weekday daily hire: £120

Weekend daily hire: £140

One Week hire: £550

Our self drive minibus hire allow customers 200 miles per day on daily rentals. 800 miles on weekly rentals. For any additional mileage allowances will cost £10 for every 100 miles.

We have a fleet of 15 and 17 seater self drive minibus hire . self drive Minibus hire are ideal for larges family, friends or a business group going on a long distance trip on a day out or a weekend break. The self drive minibus hire are very well maintained and they are fitted with all the safety gadgets to ensure that you are very safe throughout your journey. You can hire our 15 or 17 seater self drive minibus hire with just normal full UK B1 driving licence, but if you are going on a trip to Europe you will need a D1 licence to hire our self drive minibus hire.